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17 rue de la Sorbonne, 75005 Paris



© 2018 par Les Taureaux du Panthéon

The first conference of The Taureaux du Panthéon was held on March 21st 2017. Here's a summary and photos of this enriching night.



Speaker 1: Julien LAUMAIN


-compliance officer

-BNP Paribas

Compliance officer :

 -limit the risks of the bank

 -reputational risk: keep a good image

 -risk of fines/penalties

 -risk of loss of approval: especially in the USA

 -basic operational risks 

 -to focus on 5 trades

-customer knowledge

-financial security: fight against money laundering, terrorism

-the question of market abuse 


-preservation of the client’s interest

-top manager= decision

-close to the operational



Roles ;

—identify the rules of the job and the risks

—evaluate the risks (with and without devices)

—check-up(front/back/middle office)

—avoid making money on risks

—the aspect of advice : on the regulation part, participation to all projects, macroeconomic vision of the projects

—train newcomers : on the deontology, anti money laundering, sensibility, evolving regulations…

—to learn : learn about the regulation and to be alert about these new regulations and their consequences

—correspondence with regulators (ex : AMF)

— cartography of risks on the whole group

—intervention within teams on all the tools at their disposal.

— database

—define roles and therefore the devices

—finally a check-up on all the projects containing risks

—consultation of projects and datas




— analyst

AMF: Authority that exists to accompany companies and not to only sanction them. Stock companies, make the Parisian financial place as competitive as possible.

Issues in all bank services and management companies :

—the internal control’s culture

—need to know the regulatory isuues

—texts to know, directives..

















S = question for Sabrine

J= question for Julien

deux = question both

S: a day:

— different everyday

— in contact with the thirds of AMF

— Actual missions: a lot of pedagogy, learning of risks and instruments, accompanying savers, detect the abusive and disloyal marketing practices. In relation with the public (future management companies, cabinets, pro..) that have questions on the AMF doctrines.

— depends on actual situation

— we are formed daily on new themes


both : perspective on career evolution


—rise in rank

—rise in the group

—go abroad

—change jobs

—depends on what we want

—secretarial position in banks

— join a regulator


—change directions at AMF

—accomapny companies in the product approvals that they manage

—no changes to predict

—move into management companies

—control and manage risks


J: compliance pole, help to bypass regulations?

— power of veto

— huge culture of risks

—level control, general inspection, AMF

—criminal liability


both: application of directives:

—if there are hesitations we ask a regulator

—the regulator will have the last word on how to apply a point on a directive


Moderators : Hugo Daugeron-Mijoin & Rouzbeh Moshfeghi


A very big thank you to Ryan Ould Hocine for organizing this conference and to our two speakers.