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17 rue de la Sorbonne, 75005 Paris



© 2018 par Les Taureaux du Panthéon

Here's the Taureaux du Panthéon's team. If you wish to obtain more information on one of the members, click on their photo to be redirected on their Linkedln page.


 From left to right starting from the bottom:

First row : BERISHA Ejsi ; GUILLAUD David ; DESABLIN Emmanuelle ; LAGNAOUI Chaïmae ; GARNIER Edwin ; BEDAD Hassina

Second row : HATTAB Réda , TOUAHRI Melvina ; OUKSEL Kahina ; AHMED-SAADI Imene ; MATHUVIRIN Yovina

Third row : PERRIN Giovanna ; BEN ACHOUR Ghassen ; BOUILLAUD Corentin ; HASSOUBA Nardeen ; PASSÉE-COUTRIN Moéra ; GREBOVAL Lucia ; GARRIGUES Matthieu ; GROSSO Muoï

Forth row : RENOUVEL Jeanne ; MOSFEGHI Rouzbeh (Co-Founder) ; MENDY Marie ; DAUGERON-MIJOIN Hugo (Co-Founder) ; MUNOZ Nicolas ; MAGNETTO Paola ; SALAMEH Alexandre


From left to right: MAGNETTO Paola ; BOUILLAUD Corentin  ; MOSFEGHI Rouzbeh ; MALEK Salomé  ; BEN ACHOUR Ghassen ; DAUGERON-MIJOIN Hugo ; BEDAD Hassina  ; HATTAB Réda 


From left to right : BEDAD Hassina ; DAUGERON-MIJOIN Hugo (Head of the Corporate Pole) ; AHMED-SAADI Imene ; GARNIER Edwin ; MATHUVIRIN Yovina

      PARTNERSHIPS              POLE

From left to right : MAGNETTO Paola ; SALAMEH Alexandre ; MALEK Salomé (Head of the partnerships pole) ; GARRIGUES Matthieu ; LAGNAOUI Chaimae ; SYLLA Saïd ; OUKSEL Kahina


From left to right : BERISHA Ejsi ; GREBOVAL Lucia ; HATTAB Reda (Head of Strategic Marketing Pole) ; PERRIN Giovanna ; PASSÉE-COUTRIN Moéra ; DESABLIN Emmanuelle ; HASSOUBA Nardeen ; MENDY Marie


From left to right :

First row: AHMED-SAADI Imene ;  GROSSE Muoï ; TOUAHRI Melvina

Second row: MAGNETTO Paola ; MOSFEGHI Rouzbeh (Head of the Events Pole) ; RENOUVEL Jeanne

Hugo DM.jpg

Hugo Daugeron-Mijoin

Co-Founder and Co-President of the Taureaux du Panthéon

Masters 2 Bank-Finance

Passionate by LBO and financial leverage 

Jérémie Rouzbeh Moshfeghi

Co-Founder and Co-President of the Taureaux du Panthéon

Masters 2 Bank-Finance Paris 1.

Actually doing an internship at SGCIB Global Market in COO Trading

Passionate by the strategies of digital transformation in banking and finance and behavioral economics.

Ghassen Ben Achour

Vice president

Masters 2 CRBC promotion 2019-2020

Passionate by sports

Hassina Bedad.jpg

Hassina Bedad 

Treasurer and intervener in the corporate pole

Masters 2 Bank-Finance at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Passionate  by financial analysis

Hobbies: billiards and travel

Paola Magnetto

General secretary and in charge of the events, marketing and partnerships poles. 

3rd year in  Economics

Passionate by crypto currencies & blockchain, football, aviation, oenology 

Imane Ahmed-Saadi.jpg

Imane Ahmed-Saadi

In charge of the Corporate and Events Pole

Masters 2 Empirical Finance

I like quantitative methods applied to finance

Nicolas Munoz.jpg

Nicolas Munoz

In charge of the Asset-Management Pole

Masters 2 Empirical Finance

Passionate by Trading

Moéra Passée-Coutrin

In charge of the Strategic Marketing Pole

2nd year of Economics in Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Passionate by the financial market, travel and cinema.

Marie Mendy

In charge of the Strategic Marketing Pole

3rd year in Economics and would like to explore the marketing world.

Hobbies: reading

Nardeen Hassouba

In charge of the Strategic Marketing Pole

3rd year in Economics

Passionate by business finance and financial markets

Hobbies : photography and reading

Saïd Sylla

In charge of the Partnerships Pole

Masters M1 MBFA

Master all the workings of finance to be able to make a catalyst for the development of Africa.

Matthieu Garrigues

In charge of the Partnerships Pole 

Masters 1 MBFA

Interested in the field of mergers and acquisitions

Passionate by sports

Yovina Mathuvirin

In charge of the Corporate Pole

Masters 1 MBFA in the university of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Passionate  by financial analysis.

Hobbies: hiking, dance, travel

David Guillaud

In charge of the Asset Management Pole

Masters 1 MBFA.

Passionate by portfolio management.

Hobbies: reading, swimming, trading and entrepreneurship.

Giovanna Perrin-Terrin

In charge by the Events Pole

3rd year Management

Passionate by corporate finance, tennis and travel

Sebastien Forest

In charge of the Events Pole

3rd year in Economics at Paris 1.

Salomé Malek

Head of the Partnerships pole

 Masters 1 MBFA

Passionate by corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions.

Hobby : running


Ejsi Berisha

In charge of the Strategic Marketing Pole

Masters 2 Asset Management OMERR in the University Paris Ouest Nanterre

Passionate by extreme sports, hiking, astronomy and writing.

Chaimae Lagnaoui

In charge of the Partnerships Pole

Masters 1 MBFA

Passionate by monetary/banking control and financial analysis.

Laura Marciano

In charge of the Events Pole

Masters 1 MBFA in the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Passionate by financial analysis.

Hobbies: cinema, cooking, travel

Jeanne Renouvel

In charge of the Events Pole


3rd year in Management

Would like to integrate the finance masters proposed by EMS

Passionate by sports

Emmanuelle Desablin

In charge of the Strategic Marketing Pole

3rd year in Economics

Passionate by business finance

Hobbies: economic and social news, entrepreneurship, podcasts and travel.

Muoï Grosso

In charge of the Events Pole

3rd year in Economics

Hobbies: figure skating

Lucia Greboval 

In charge of the Strategic Marketing Pole

3rd years in Economics

Passionate by finance, cooking and travel

Edwin Garnier

In charge of the Corporate Pole

Masters 1 MBFA in Paris, I would like to integrate the Masters Compliance or the Masters Financial Economics.

Feriel Atmani

In charge of the Corporate Pole

M1 MBFA in Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Passionate by audit and management control

Melvina Touahri

In charge of the Events Pole

Masters 1 International Economy at Paris 1.

Passionate by international relationships, dance and drawing.

Alexandre Salameh

In charge of the Partnerships Pole 

3rd year in Economics

Passionate by sports (rugby) and financial news 

Paul Sellem