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17 rue de la Sorbonne, 75005 Paris



© 2018 par Les Taureaux du Panthéon

For the first time in France, a full day was reserved for trading and investement. Event that was held in the hotel of Arts et Métiers, we were there!


An enriching day during the conference, with the possibility of the audience to ask all of their questions. Passionate conferences, insured by multiple trading, finance and economic professionnals . Among them there were the manager and the founder of Krechendo Trading , the director of Divento Financials and the CEO of Darwinex, which are all trading platforms.

​In addition to all that, there were standsthat allowed us to discuss with different members like Saxo Bank.

A part of the the Taureaux du Panthéon’s team were present, first to enrich their knowledge of the subject but to also to solicit the organisms and people who were present in order to make known our association in the Financial world.

Themes discussed during the conference:

  • The perspectives of the market and the investements ideas. It was a question of hot geopolitical points and macroeconomic trends in the world that can influence the price of certain markets

  • Start trading wth Saxo Bank : Saxo Bank is a trading platform that you will be lucky to use; explication of different platform interfaces and the specifities of this one.

  • The opinion of an expert on investements in Bitcoin and crypto currencies: Manuel Valente, engineer of the House of Bitcoin, presented to us crypto currencies : analysis and a detailed historic of Bitcoin 

  • Analysis of economic context and investement opportunities: answers on recent facts of the financial and economic world and their impact especially on investments 

  • Live Trading session: speakers were “trading” live, via a platform, explaining theur steps,their interfaces, or their speculation technic as their session progresses. An explication of “stat rading”